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Minecraft PE 

Minecraft, Test version of the Minecraft 1.19 update, has been released by developers. This Minecraft update will add new features and fix bugs.

App Name Minecraft
Publisher Microsoft
Size 197 MB
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Author Babbu
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A test version of Minecraft for Android has been released by the developers. This update brings enhancements to Experimental Features along with 4 changes and addresses 12 bug fixes.

In the experimental mode, there have been 17 changes and fixes. Here are the main highlights:

  • Renamed the new vehicle from “Bamboo Raft with Chest” to “Raft with Chest.”
  • When dismounting from a chest raft, the correct tooltip is now displayed.
  • Improved the display of buttons when hanging Hanging Signs.
  • Hanging signs attached to the side no longer prevent mobs from passing through.
  • Players are unable to ride Camels in water.
  • Improved animations of sitting Camels during world loading.
  • Camels can now climb one and a half blocks without jumping.
  • Hanging Signs no longer replace Sporeflowers and Dropper.
  • Hanging signs are now properly attached to Bamboo Seedlings.
  • Destroying two Bamboo Mosaic Slabs stacked on top of each other now gives players the correct blocks back.
  • Bamboo saplings no longer break when hit by a Piston.
  • Chained command blocks now function correctly even with a delay greater than 0 ticks.
  • Fixed the sound volume of Hanging Signs.
  • Various changes have been made to the Experimental Mode.

There have been 4 changes made. Here are some additional details:

  • D3D12 support has been added for Intel integrated/dedicated graphics drivers.
  • The item stack counter-frame in Minecraft has been changed to white.
  • The sign menu now closes when entering Spectator Mode.

A total of 12 bugs have been fixed. Here are some notable fixes:

  • Regular Boats and Boats with Chests no longer teleport to coordinate zero when pushed by a Piston.
  • Chunk mixing issues have been resolved when updating worlds created prior to version 1.18.
  • Books with a pen can now be properly signed and closed.
  • An error that occurred when attempting to connect to Realms that remained empty for several minutes has been fixed.
  • Items containing mobs no longer cause performance slowdown.
  • Entering and exiting items from Funnel no longer slows down the game on servers.
  • The “Dismount” button no longer appears blurred.
  • Items are correctly returned to the inventory in Creative mode.
  • The text of the death message from a mob with an item whose name was changed is now displayed correctly.
  • Pressure plates no longer become unresponsive when a player enters Spectator Mode.

Additionally, various other bugs and errors have been addressed and fixed.

Technical Changes
Added 6 technical changes for addon development and testing.

Minecraft PE 

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