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Minecraft PE 

Minecraft List of Fixed Bugs:  Test version of the Minecraft 1.19 update, has been released by developers. This Minecraft update will add new features and fix bugs.

App Name Minecraft
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A test version of Minecraft for Android has been rolled out by the developers. This update implements two alterations and resolves four bugs.

Following yesterday’s minor release, the developers have opted to release a test version of Minecraft. Players are eagerly anticipating a handful of fixes and a couple of changes.

List of Changes:

  1. Two additions have been made, which include: a. In the storage settings, players can now clear the cache directly from the In-Game Market. b. Improved functionality to restore downloaded worlds from the In-Game Market.
  2. Temporarily disabled the option to adjust the transparency of the text background in the settings.

List of Fixed Bugs:

The developers have addressed and resolved a total of four bugs, with the main ones being:

  1. Black zones no longer fail to appear on Maps.
  2. The issue of players taking damage while walking through Sweet Berry Bushes has been fixed.
  3. The trade list with villagers now scrolls correctly on mobile devices.
  4. When copying coordinates, the appropriate chat interaction button is now displayed.

Minecraft PE 

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