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Minecraft, a beta version of the Minecraft 1.20 update, has been released by developers. This Minecraft update will add new features and fix bugs.

App Name Minecraft PE
Publisher Microsoft
Size 196 MB
Latest Version
Author Babbu
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The developers have recently unveiled the most recent beta/preview version Minecraft for Android. Much like the pre-releases, This MCPE  update made many changes including important fixes, technical changes, and new features, New items, etc. The Minecraft APK can be downloaded from the top of the page.  You can check out important changes and bug fixes about Minecraft Pocket Edition Version below.

MCPE Changes & Bug Fixes:


  • The description in the popping window is now correctly read by the screen reader after disabling “Require Encrypted Websockets”.
  • Similarly, the description in the popping window is now properly read by the screen reader after disabling “Allow mobile data for online play”.

Amethyst Resonance:

Blocks of Amethyst placed above or below Sculk Sensors or Calibrated Sculk Sensors now also resonate vibrations.


Generic Brush sounds are now become audible.


  • Sculk Sensors, Calibrated Sculk Sensors, and Sculk Shriekers will no longer lose vibrations when leaving the world.
  • The Calibrated Sculk Sensor tendrils now light uniformly.
  • Custom textures that override vanilla blocks with auxiliary metadata now display correctly.

Pitcher Plant:

  • The duplication of Pitcher Plants using Bone Meal is no longer possible.
  • Furthermore, breaking Pitcher Plants with Fortune enchanted tools will not result in more than one flower being dropped.

Sniffer Egg:

  • The Sniffer Egg now features a unique cracking sound instead of the Turtle Egg’s sound.
  • The Sniffer Egg will no longer be destroyed by liquid water or lava.
  • It is now possible to place the Sniffer Egg in both water and lava.


  • Bone Meal is now not used on Torchflowers to spawn other flowers.
  • Using Bone Meal on a Torchflower Crop will now always make it grow one stage.

Calibrated Sculk Sensor:

Calibrated Sculk Sensor now effectively filters vibration frequencies when powered by any power-emitting redstone component.

Experience Orbs:

Experience Orbs now merge when spawned with the summon command.


  • The Shield of the Banner now follows the same rules as Java Edition when being used with a Grindstone.
  • Short sneaking under a 1.5 block gap in third-person view no longer results in a black screen.


Brushes no longer crash the game upon breaking.


Now Relic Music Disk is now included in the loot table for Trail Ruins.


  • Players in split-screen mode will no longer be disconnected when one of them leaves the game.
  • Additionally, two new achievements have been added
  • Planting the Past” and “Careful Restoration.”


The screen fade effect when sleeping or using the camera fade command will no appear when a picture is taken.


Fixed the Sniffer’s head and ears z-fighting.

Sculk Sensor Phases:

The “power off” sound for Sculk Sensors and Calibrated Sculk Sensors will now play at the end of the Cooldown phase instead of the Active phase.

 Touch Controls:

Issues is fixed with keyboard navigation on some menu screens on iOS and Android.

User Interface:

  • On Android devices, animations in the ‘Welcome to Minecraft’ models are no longer displayed upside down.
  • A bug causing button sounds to occur when clicking a disabled button has been fixed.
  • Additionally, the capitalization in the title of the Behavior Pack message modal has been corrected.
  • Another bug causing VR players to be stuck in the death screen after respawning has also been fixed.
  • A new cube map background has been added, which rotates the view clockwise and tilts it down by default, unless a global resource pack replaces the cubemap background.
  • Lastly, text shadowboxes on interactable block screens now have the correct opacity.

Vanilla Parity:

Now Distinct green particles are now emitted by the player under effect of Hero of the Village status effect.


Released various item components out of experimental in JSON formats 1.20.0 and higher.

User Interface:

  • Fixed a bug where the chat message history would sometimes not appear when opening the chat.
  • The “Copy Message” button in chat now works as expected. Updated the “Server Name” text color to improve visibility.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Cancel” button would sometimes not appear on the “Confirm Sign Out” screen.
  • The “Join Friends” button now appears on the main menu for all users, regardless of their account type.

You can Minecraft Download APK From the Above Link. If you have any problem Regarding Downloading the Minecraft Apk for Android then contact us.


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