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Minecraft, a beta version of the Minecraft 1.20 update, has been released by developers. This Minecraft update will add new features and fix bugs.

App Name Minecraft PE
Publisher Microsoft
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Author Babbu
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The developers have recently unveiled the most recent beta/preview version Minecraft for Android. Much like the pre-releases, This MCPE  update made many changes including important fixes, technical changes, and new features, New items, etc. The Minecraft APK can be downloaded from the top of the page.  You can check out important changes and bug fixes about Minecraft Pocket Edition Version below.

Minecraft PE Changes & Fixes:

Experimental Toggle Update:

  • All Trails & Tales content is now fully integrated into the game and no longer considered experimental, allowing players to enjoy it during regular gameplay.
  • The Next Major Update toggle has been removed as there are no longer any active experimental features requiring it.

Accessibility Improvements:

    • Text-to-speech now reads out the names of the four Creative Inventory tabs for enhanced accessibility.


    • When brushing Suspicious Sand and Suspicious Gravel, they now emit their respective sounds to provide auditory feedback

Decorated Pot:

  • The faces of Decorated Pots now correctly utilize the top rows of pixels for improved visual accuracy.

Pitcher Crop:

  • The hitbox of the Pitcher Crop will now dynamically change in size based on its age.

Pitcher Crop Block:

  • The Pitcher Crop block now correctly utilizes the bottom texture.

Calibrated Sculk Sensor:

  • When active, Calibrated Sculk Sensors now power the block located below them.
  • The active cooldown duration for Calibrated Sculk Sensors has been reduced to 1 second from 2 seconds
  • The detection range of Calibrated Sculk Sensors has been increased to 16 blocks from 8 blocks, allowing them to sense vibrations from a greater distance.


  • Resolved the issue where fall damage would accumulate when a player jumps on a roofed Soul Sand Bubble Column.


  • The Decorated Pot now accurately reflects the lighting conditions when held in hand or dropped.
  • The Conduit block now appropriately responds to the lighting conditions when held in hand or dropped.


  • Now the Sniffer’s head Z-fighting with their body is fixed.

Sculk Sensor

  • The Sculk Sensors now power the block below them when active

Sculk Shrieker

  • Waterlogging a Sculk Shrieker will now silence its shrieking sounds.

User Interface:

  • The cycle buttons in the Marketplace and Dressing Room now display navigation chevrons when using a controller and controller hints are disabled.
  • Corrected the issue where the multiplayer toggle in the Create New World screen would sometimes not be greyed out despite having no effect.
  • The new death screen now displays coordinates if the “Show Coordinates” setting is enabled.

Vanilla Parity

  • Top and bottom Door textures now rotate correctly when opened and closed for worlds versioned from 1.20 onward.

You can Play Minecraft Download APK for Android By clicking on the above link. You you have any problem regarding Downloading Minecraft App then contact us.


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