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Minecraft, a beta version of the Minecraft 1.20 update, has been released by developers. This Minecraft update will add new features and fix bugs.

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The developers have recently unveiled the most recent beta/preview version Minecraft for Android. Much like the pre-releases, This MCPE  update made many changes including important fixes, technical changes, and new features, New items, etc. The Minecraft APK can be downloaded from the top of the page.  You can check out important changes and bug fixes about Minecraft Pocket Edition Version below.

Minecraft PE Changes & Features:

Accessibility Features:

  • Potions, Tipped Arrows, and mob effects have undergone color adjustments to enhance their distinguishability from one another.


  • Miner Pottery Shards can now be discovered as loot when brushing Suspicious Sand blocks in Desert Pyramids.
  • The Shelter Pottery Shard now displays the correct string .


  • Brushes can now be enchanted with Mending, Unbreaking, and Curse of Vanishing.
  • The Brush now shows a tooltip when aimed at Suspicious Blocks on touch devices.
  • Brushing non-Suspicious blocks will now trigger a generic brushing sound.
  • The Brush takes durability damage when brushing brushable blocks, but no damage is incurred when breaking blocks.
  • The use of a Brush will no longer be interrupted by clicking the left mouse button while brushing (holding the right mouse button).

Bamboo Woodset

  • Aligned the flammability of the Bamboo wood set to match the other wood sets

Block Updates:

  • Suspicious Sand and Suspicious Gravel no longer drop when falling on top of Daylight Sensors, Signs, Banners, Mob Heads, Conduits, or Campfires.
  • The placement rules for blocks on top of Decorated Pots are now aligned between Java and Bedrock.
  • Decorated Pots no longer provide full support on their top face, preventing the placement of Scaffolding, Redstone Dust, Redstone Repeaters, Redstone Comparators, Levers, Glow Lichen, Sculk Veins, Pointed Dripstone, and Door Blocks on top of them.
  • Bells can only be placed on full faces of blocks.
  • Rails can now only be placed on full faces of blocks.
  • Amethyst Cluster blocks can only be placed on full faces of blocks.
  • Button blocks can only be placed on full faces of blocks.
  • Top Snow can only be placed on full faces of blocks.
  • Corals can only be placed on full faces of blocks.
  • Sea Pickles can now be placed on top of Decorated Pots.
  • Suspicious Sand and Suspicious Gravel no longer drop when falling on top of Sculk Sensors or Calibrated Sculk Sensors.

Cherry Grove:

  • Fixed issue where Cherry Grove biome generated with invisible Double Tallgrass blocks above Pink Petals.
  • Removed Dandelions from generating in the Cherry Grove biome.

Armor Trims:

  • Fixed rendering issue with untrimmed armor pieces when held or placed in the world alongside armor pieces with trim
  • Corrected rendering of both trimmed and untrimmed armor pieces in the HUD hotbar when swapping between them
  • Ensured proper rendering of both trimmed and untrimmed armor pieces in UI slots when swapping between them


  • Improved animation of camels so they now straighten their heads after sitting down
  • Fixed an issue where camels’ heads would clip into passengers when looking up
  • The camel’s dash bar is now visible in the Pocket UI
  • Localized the camel’s dismount hint properly


  • Mobs riding Bamboo Rafts are now positioned correctly above the surface.

Shield Customization:

  • Added a highly requested feature: Shields can now be combined with Banners to apply the banner’s pattern on the shield
  • The banner used in the customization process will be consumed
  • Shields can only be customized with a banner if no pattern was previously applied


  • The Sniffer and the Torchflower features are now available in normal gameplay and are no longer experimental
  • Removed the Sniffer Experimental toggle since there is no active experimental content for it
  • Introduced the Sniffer Egg, which is now obtainable
  • When two Sniffers breed, instead of immediately spawning a Snifflet, they now drop a Sniffer egg


  • Sniffer eggs placed on Moss will hatch after approximately 10 minutes
  • On all other blocks, the egg will hatch in approximately 20 minutes.

Pitcher Plant:

  • The Sniffer now has the ability to occasionally sniff up a Pitcher Pod item.
  • The Pitcher Pod can be planted in Farmland and will grow into a Pitcher Crop, which goes through five growth stages.
  • When fully grown, the Pitcher Crop can be harvested, resulting in a two-block-tall Pitcher Plant.


  • Torchflowers placed by players now have visually randomized locations within their blocks, aligning with their hitboxes.
  • Torchflower Seeds can now be used in the Composter.
  • The Torchflower grown from seeds now has a hitbox that matches its model.
  • Bees can now pollinate Torchflowers, and Torchflowers can be used to tempt and breed Bees.


  • Armor Stand no longer changes its pose mid-flight.
  • Weighted Pressure Plates now maintain their signal strength when multiple items are placed on them.
  • The front side of Wood in Woodland Mansions has been updated.
  • Hitboxes are now properly maintained after death.
  • Rented servers are now displayed in the list.
  • Cape animations now work while moving.
  • Sugar Cane no longer generates air pockets in water.
  • Water glow with RTX has been fixed.
  • Display issues with Elytra have been resolved.
  • Ghasts now shoot fireballs from their mouths.
  • Various UI errors have been fixed.
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